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Millikin students build global branding strategy for Ecuador tourism

“最大的咨询项目”这个词可能看起来有些吓人, especially for a group of college students asked to conduct a real-life project for not just a company, 而是政府.

在过去的几年里,Dr. J. 马克·穆尼奥斯's 国际 Business Consulting course at Millikin University has been providing students with many unique learning experiences. 例如, students from a previous course worked with the African country of Zambia to develop a microenterprise zone to help the country's economy.


Two years ago, 类 worked with the government of Ecuador to develop a U.S. 厄瓜多尔手工艺品的市场进入策略. Flash forward to 2019 – the government of Ecuador once again approached Dr. 穆尼奥斯 to have his class take on a branding strategy project for the Ecuadorian province of Imbabura to help boost tourism.

But as conversations about the project went on with Borys Mejia, 厄瓜多尔贸易专员, 这个项目演变成更多的东西.

"Borys informed us that the head of tourism for the country of Ecuador got wind of the Imbabura project and asked us - How would you guys like to do the branding strategy for the whole country instead?” 穆尼奥斯管理学教授. "The tourism director was interested in what we've done in the past and they wanted to elevate the project from a province to the whole country. We decided to go for it – it's the most ambitious project ever in terms of our consulting work at Millikin."


In 2010, Ecuador's Ministry of Tourism launched a campaign called "Ecuador Love Life" to promote the nation as a destination for tourists. The campaign highlighted Ecuador as a place with four worlds where visitors could have different experiences and "love life.“推广结果很成功.

从那时起, "Ecuador Love Life" has been the slogan to promote exports and tourism, 吸引投资. 今年, 然而, the Ecuadorian government decided to modify the country brand in order to refresh the image of the nation – enter Dr. 穆尼奥斯的国际商务咨询课程.


承担项目任务, 类, 由八名学生组成, 在一月份开始制定新的品牌战略.

“学生们做了很多初级研究. In the past, we relied a lot on secondary research to get our work done. This project offered a little more value because we did the research ourselves,穆尼奥斯说.

During the semester, the students conducted a focus group discussion for U.S. consumers and a focus group discussion for frequent travelers and high level executives to get their perspectives on Ecuador. 他们还进行了一项覆盖整个美国的调查.S. 超过100名受访者, as well as an online survey for Ecuador with help from the Ministry of Tourism.


新太阳城涵盖了很多数据点, but we also interviewed many branding experts from around the world such as Spain and London. These were CEOs who have created branding strategies for other countries,穆尼奥斯说. “新太阳城还采访了外交官和投资者."

The objective of the project was threefold: to help the country export more products; to improve tourism; 吸引投资.


经过几个月的研究和准备, four students from 类 presented the branding strategy on May 22 in ADM-Scovill Hall on Millikin's campus. 米利金商学院的教职员工, 包括厄瓜多尔政府官员内尔·莫斯克拉, 副总领事, were in attendance as well as other Ecuadorian Government officials who joined via Skype and by phone.

米利金学院的学生是奥利维亚·布鲁尔, 来自莫韦aqua的创业专业大四学生, 生病了.; Loren Agee, a senior business management major from Maroa, 生病了.; Luka Lubecki, a senior accounting major from 1月esville, Wis.; and Michael Covelli, who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management, 从洛克波特, 生病了.


“从一开始, our goal has been to showcase how Ecuador can transform its global positioning through tourism, 投资与贸易,布鲁尔在发布会上说. "We firmly believe that Ecuador has a huge opportunity to enhance its global position and we hope you leave here today excited to turn this vision into a reality."

The end result of the students' work was a strategy called "Ecuador Evolves: A Global Branding Vision."

“厄瓜多尔在近代历史上发生了变化. 来自旅游业带来的相互联系, 为了应对全球化而将经济美元化, 厄瓜多尔已经做出了积极的改变,布鲁尔说. “然而, 为了保持全球竞争地位, 厄瓜多尔必须继续前进."


整个演讲过程, the students provided an assessment of the country – looking at international market demands, 主要研究, 投资和影响. The students found four key assets to include in the "Ecuador Evolve" brand. Among those assets was Ecuador being an ideal ecotourism destination due to its diverse culture.

在《新太阳城》的采访中 & 审查, Loren Agee says she enrolled in 类 because she thought it would be a good resume builder and an exciting opportunity. "It did a lot for my confidence in being able to produce a report that size,她说. "It developed my presentation skills to create something for an entity as large as the Ecuadorian government."


Olivia Brewer said the group put in countless hours of work leading up to the presentation. 

"We believed in the project and the fact that it was a bigger project than most undergraduates have the privilege to do, 这让新太阳城继续前进,她说.

政府官方的反馈是积极的, noting that the strategy could be used as a framework to build a branding campaign.


"The 塔博尔商学院 allows for this type of project to happen and not many schools have these type of opportunities,穆尼奥斯说. "The report was timely in the sense that they're trying to come up with their own branding company and wanted to know what are the things we should be thinking about? 这对学生来说是一次独特的经历."

奥利维亚·布鲁尔补充道, "This was an experience where we were completely submerged in the process for the very first time. I've always enjoyed consulting and taking a lot of information, 找到关键点, 并将其转化为愿景. 这是一种大规模的测试方法."